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Thank you for taking the time to look over our website.  We
understand that home buying can be nerve racking.  We
appreciate the opportunity to offer additional information, in
addition to our inspection services.

We proudly provide Certified Home Inspections & Light Commercial Inspections
throughout Central and North Central Arizona.
We pride ourselves in providing quality inspections.
We've been in business for  5 years
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Who needs a home inspection?

This site is designed to help potential home buyers, homeowners, landlords, investment buyer's &
potential renter’s with choosing the right  inspector. Those relocating need an inspection as well,
as those already in the area, building techniques and standards vary by area and age of
properties. We know the areas, techniques, and standards, and we can guide you down the right
path.  Anyone buying, renting or thinking of selling or renting can benefit greatly from an
inspection, from hiring a reputable, certified home inspector, to inspect their potential new home.

Why do I need a home inspection if I am simply renting my property to someone?  The laws have
become very complex for property owners.  You want to ensure that you are renting a property
that is in good condition.  Also this protects you if the property is damaged in the course of the
rental.  A good home inspection will include photos of the property with a detailed report on the
condition of the property.

Why do I need a home inspection if I am going to sell a property?  This helps prevent unexpected
surprises at the last minute when a property is already in escrow.  It also gives you a good idea of
where you stand and what may need to be disclosed about your property.  If something breaks
before the home is sold, up to 180 days after our inspection, many repairs are covered with our
free 120 Day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty.

Why do I need a home inspection if I am renting or buying a home?  You do not want to have
unexpected expenses.  You do not want to be liable for a pre-existing condition of a property.  
You also want to be sure that there are no  ugly surprises in the

Those who own their home also should consider an annual inspection.  This limits costs of
repairs by catching the early warning signs of most problems.  It makes sense to protect your
investment.  Annual inspections or Home Preservation Inspections are given at a reduced rate.  
Contact us for more details.

We are not only state certified, but also a member of InterNACHI in good standing.  This means
that we take additional training courses, are held to higher standards of ethics, and work harder
for you.

Why have an inspector for an investment property such as an office building?  The answer is
simple you want to protect your investment, and be sure that the property you are buying is what
you expect, and need.  The last thing you want is a property that has costly repairs that could
have been seen upfront, and taken care of early at a much lower cost.   Call us to inspect it first
so the whole story can be seen before you buy.

We do not just focus on finding problems with properties.  We strive to also be able to offer
informative solutions.  We have networked with area construction professionals, and gladly will
assist clients with referrals.  If we do not have an immediate contact, generally we can quickly
assist clients with finding a professional to evaluate the problem and give a specialized answer.  
This service makes us stand out above the rest.

We now also include a 90 Day Limited Home Warranty with all of our complete Home Inspections.  
This coverage is good for 90 days from the date of the inspection for a buyer ordered
inspection, or 21 days from the date of closing whichever occurs first.  We believe in our work
and have been able to back it up with a written guarantee.

For those in need of Termite Inspection we can refer and help coordinate this with our inspection
in most cases.  If this service is of interest to you please tell us.
Termite Inspection Referrals:

***Please note that our referral of termite inspection services is a free service.  No money, gifts, or
other favors are exchanged for referrals.  JAM Home Inspections  is not responsible in any way shape
or form for Termite Inspection Services.  This service is provided as a convenience to our clients
using reputable, licensed, pest control specialists.  JAM Home Inspections is not a licensed pest
control company, the scope of our inspection does not include termite, wood destroying insects,
vermin, rodents, etc.***

Most lenders require a termite inspection as part of a sales transaction, some may not, and with a
cash sale this service is usually optional.  JAM Home Inspections highly recommends that all buyers  
get a Termite Inspection by a licensed pest control specialist, regardless of your lender's
requirements.  A few extra dollars now could very well save a few thousand later.
JAM Home Inspections
Here's What Our Customer's think....
Best I have ever used.........
I have been a Real Estate Broker in Phoenix AZ for 11 years. I had gone through multiple Inspection companies during
the first 4 years of my career. I found JAM 7 years ago, and have not used another inspector since. They are personable,
thorough, accurate and timely. They speak well with my clients, and provide them with useful information instead of
using scare tactics. I would recommend them to anyone.

David Fisher
Fisher Realty