God is creation evolving itself.

Hello, my name is Adrian Lopez. I am a professional Home Inspector TREC Lic. # 24214 with over 1,000 inspections completed. I was born and raised in Midland Tx, so I am familiar with the west Texas area. My children are my pride and joy. I am a God-Fearing man that believes in the 2nd amendment. I am here to serve the Lord and his people.

Buying a home is the most expensive and stressful investment one can make. There are so many hoops to jump through and time crunches to beat. It is a wonder why we put ourselves through it but in the end, it is all worth it.

J.A.M. Home inspections is here to help ease the headache with the untold mysteries of the home. No home is going to be perfect, especially with rules and regulations changing every day. We are here to find the issues at hand at the time of the inspection so you as the (buyer, seller) can understand the findings and make a conscious decision about the home.

At J.A.M. Home Inspections we want to make sure before you leave the inspection you understand the major highlights and aren't leaving with any questions. We all know that 10 minutes after any meeting there are questions. Don't be alarmed we are easily accessible and are a phone call or text away. We are here for our client and our client only. We don't make profit off the sale of the home.

Let us share a little portion of the home buying experience while giving you all of the information you need.

J.A.M. Home Inspections was awarded with the 2023 Best of Home Inspection category.