Home inspections

Several items will be inspected in the home. Such as structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems and appliances. A detailed report will be provided along with pictures to help understand the issues at hand.

Pool Inspections

I am a certified pool and spa inspector and owner. Let's dive deep into your pool.

Water Well inspections

We will provide a detailed report any issues with the accessible well equipment. We will also provide a bacteria and coliform test with the water from the well. If needed, we can provide a water test for VA loans as well.

Irrigation Inspections

All zones will be tested to make sure they are functioning. Any damaged areas will be noted with a description of the issue and a picture will be provided to help you understand.

Other items

We can provide a lead-based paint test, radon test, separate outbuilding(shop) and commercial inspections.

Termite Inspections